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Our Journey

HI I'm Michael Corcoran

Charms of the Adriatic Tour
Capadocia, Turkey
Korce, Albania

After a long international corporate career and being a world traveler, I turned my dream of sharing my unique life experiences into reality and started Aperture Journeys, a travel company specializing in small group travel to emerging destinations.  Our focus is creating ultimate cultural experiences while enabling you to capture beautiful photographs.

​My first trip abroad was as a teenager on a high school class trip. I turned 18 in Heidleburg Germany, and from that point on I had a burning desire to travel the world not just on my own, but to share the joy and excitement of discovering international destinations and new cultures with my loved ones and others.

I was able to start this journey surprisingly as a Paramedic. Every day I stepped into the lives of people from all walks of life, and realized helping people during a medical emergency was very fulfilling for me. After some time, I transitioned to providing medical support for Industry locations all over the world.  My heart and mind were opened to different cultures after working alongside people in Europe, South America, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. In the meantime, I expressed my creative side by working as an independent professional photographer and video producer/editor. Creating beautiful images and video are still my passion to this day.  

​Soon it was clear to my wife, Jan and I, that we wanted to experience distant cultures on a long term basis. This led to living and working as expats in Turkey and Albania. It was a life changing experience for us.  Each day was filled with excitement and challenges, creating many lifelong memories. We entered into the lives of many wonderful people, embraced their culture, and forged long lasting friendships.​

Now, I want to share my travel knowledge and experience with others. My passion is to give my customers unique, memorable experiences in places I love.

I hope you join Aperture Journeys for your next trip!

We pride ourselves on innovative & Custom Itineraries

Each Itinerary is carefully crafted based on our “boots on the ground” experience in our destinations.  Our partners bring decades of experience in the destination region.

It's about having a good time and smelling the roses too!

I do this because it’s my passion. After more than 30 years of traveling the globe I still get excited about the next trip.  You know the best things in life happen just outside your comfort zone! I want the group to feel like we are a group of friends traveling and having a great time.

Health & Safety

Your health and safety are number one priority for us.  We have designed policies and procedures that facilitate safety & health on our tours.  We choose quality, professional, licensed partners.